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About Sensory Mart LLC


Its Stacey here, and I wanted to personally welcome you to our site! was founded by me....a mom and health educator. I have over 15 years of personal and professional experience with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

I personally know what it's like raising three incredible human beings, each with unique and varying degrees of SPD. My experience professionally as a dietitian working with families along with speech therapists and occupational therapists improved my knowledge tremendously. It has been a learning curve with many tears and frustrations.

I decided to channel this frustration into passion in forming Sensory Mart LLC and create a one-stop-shop for therapy equipment, toys, and furniture to accommodate the special needs (ie: AWESOME) child.

My Purpose is to personally connect with all who come into contact with and deliver VIP customer service.  

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and products on our site are products I personally use or would use for my own children.  So, suppliers we choose to work with are carefully hand-picked by me. But top products is not all! Customer service is our #1!  We always welcome questions and any feedback (whether positive or negative) and promise to respond and help in any way we can.   

My Mission is to bring more awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder to society. Back when my first was born, SPD was unheard of by many, including our pediatrician. Raising awareness to our society helps people understand, which in turn, can help make life easier for you and other parents who raise children/adults with SPD

We are based in Weatherford, Texas and ship products all over the United States. We welcome any questions you have! Feel free to call or text us at 817-264-6166 or email at

Again, thank you for visiting!


Stacey Wood